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Why Car Photography Matters

By: j.wilder

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Brandon Lim, Associate Photographer at Motortrend, wrote a great article listing 5 Reasons Why Car Photography Matters.

The two best reasons Brandon Lim mentions are:

1. There's Room For Everyone (Even Non-Professionals)
2. It Keeps The Passion (For Cars) Alive

But this is the most important idea.

"A genuine passion for cars will drive a generation of enthusiasts to preserve them. As long as there are cameras pointed at cars, the interest will follow." -Lin

To become great is to think beyond yourself. See your photography as a means to reach a new generation.

I wrote about this in:

23 Epic Reasons to Get Into Car Photography - And change the world.

5 Reasons Why Car Photography Matters
Brandon Lim, May 26, 2019

James Wilder

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