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Ricoh GR3 for Car Photography

By: j.wilder

The Ricoh GR3 for Car Photography

Is the Ricoh GR3 good for car photography? (Photos at end)

I've been wanting a pocketable every day carry modern camera for car photography. More specifically for Parked Photography.

Currently, what I want does not exist yet, so I bought a Ricoh GR3. Here's why:

1. I want a truly pocketable camera. Not jacket pocket, but pants pocket.

2. I wanted a larger sensor, preferably an APS–C.

3. I wanted to experience firsthand what the hype was behind the Ricoh GR cameras.

4. I wanted to see if Parked Photography was easier, or possible, or convenient using the Ricoh GR3.


I've been following modern camera and compact camera trends for several years.

The camera market is unnecessarily complicated, mainly because camera manufacturers don't know how to market. They rely on bloggers I suppose.

I have spent literally hundreds of hours looking at different brands, models, and features. And if I don't document them, I quickly forget the details. It's no wonder that there are sites like "Camera decision." Because it's insanely complicated to understand one brand (no excuse), let alone all brands. That's why people just ask the internet - "What camera should I buy?"

Here are my thoughts on the Ricoh GR3 so far.

Ricoh GR3 Likes


Memory Internal Memory (Approx. 2GB) why doesn't every camera do this? Insane

Fast on

Ideally, the camera would never be off. It would be in a low power state. However, Ricoh has designed this camera to power up within a half second.

Button for Telephoto

For serious, Parked Photography, I need a zoom. The Ricoh has a fixed focal length. However, they do provide a 50 and 35 mm crop view.

What's cool is you can set the function button to change the crop mode quickly. Effectively mimicking a zoom. This is my favorite customization for this camera.


The ergonomics of this camera are great. It is one of the lightest cameras around. It's big enough to hold easily. It's small enough conceal in your hand.

Ricoh GR3 Dislikes

Autofocus trouble
Gesture are unrefined
Short battery life
Can't delete photos by day.
No center point focus.
No articulating display.

Don't Care

No built in flash.

Key Settings (for me)


Configure function button to change crop. 35mm, 50mm, OFF.

Ricoh GR3 Info

Image Stabilization: Yes
Sensor: APS-C
Lens: 18.3mm (28mm equiv)
Aperture: F2.8~F16
Weight: 257g (0.57 lb) w/ bat
Released: March 2019
List price: $899
*No articulating display.

Lists memory and number of pho

Ricoh GR4 Rumors

I have no hope that the Ricoh GR4 will bring the features that I want. But I don't blame Ricoh.

The design philosophy of the Ricoh GR camera is "we don't chase the latest trends." It works as designed. No need to change.

The Ricoh GR is very much a stills street photography camera.

What could they add to the Ricoh? The video side might fit within their philosophy of thoughtful improvement. But going as far as vlogging would be a stretch. That would be chasing a trend.

My bet is Ricoh is gaining in sales. If you stick with your philosophy, and you communicate that philosophy clearly, and that philosophy benefits the photographer as well, how can you lose? Be who you are. Be bold.

Sony ZV-1

I am very curious about the new Sony ZV1 Mark two.

This camera seems like it could be an excellent hybrid every day carry camera. However, Sony is marketing this camera 100% as a Vlog camera.

As a matter of fact, I read recently that 48% of Sony's camera sales are coming from their Vlog cameras. They just came out with a full frame Vlog camera.


The Ricoh GR3 is not the solution for a dedicated parked photography camera.

The Ricoh GR3 is a grab and go every day carry camera that is fun to use. Which means you get more fun shots.

The quest continues.

More photos to come...

Cadillac CT4-V. Ricoh GR3. Photo by James Wilder

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer of Parked.Photography.


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