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By: j.wilder

Car Photography News

My focus for Car Photography News is to curate the highest quality car photography topics that are always relevant and ignore the junk that search engines serve. If it has long term value it deserves to be seen.

The best articles and videos on Car Photography for car photography enthusiasts and digital creatives.

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Last update: 8-14-2022

Abstract Car Photography

I'm not excited about the photos, but I love the article concept.

"Abstract photography is a means of depicting a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object. An abstract photograph may isolate a fragment of a natural scene in order to remove its context from the viewer, it may be purposely staged to create a seemingly unreal appearance from real objects, or it may involve the use of color, light, shadow, texture, shape and/or form to convey a feeling, sensation or impression." -Wikipedia

My initial thought is: If you can tell it's a car, then it's not abstract. So, this article got me thinking.

I did like the introduction quote by Minor White:

"One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are." -Minor White

Looking for abstract opportunities is a great way to improve our ability to see through our creative eye.

Anyway, here's the article. I think I will expand on it in the future.

An Introduction to Amazing Abstract Automotive Photography

Minor White

Adobe Photoshop Free for the Web (some day)

"Adobe has announced it’s testing a new web-based version of Photoshop that will be free to use for anyone with an Adobe account. Although this beta test is currently limited to Canada, Adobe says it plans to make this available to all users in the future as a way to promote its other Creative Cloud apps and services."

Adobe says Photoshop for web will be free for everyone...eventually
Published Jun 14, 2022 | Gannon Burgett

How to Use Street Lights to Improve Your Night Street Photography

The author talks about utilizing the light of street lights for night street photography. However he utilizes bracketing, which takes multiple exposures per shot, and have to be merged in Photoshop.

However, a commenter suggested to keep the streetlight out of the photo by framing the composition so that only the projected light is visible and the actual source of the light remains unseen and outside the frame.

How to Use Street Lights to Improve Your Night Street Photography

Of course, we would be looking for the proper car to be near the streetlight. Or maybe just go to 7 Eleven!


Brilliant marketing!

Kevin McCauley Car Photography Videos


Kevin McCauley, of Capturing the Machine, is an automotive photographer in Houston, TX. He has a great YouTube channel and he has been busy making videos!

Here are my favorites so far:

What I Learned Shooting Cars With a 600mm Lens

What You Should Know About Focal Lengths and Shooting Cars

Everything I Don't Do When I Shoot Cars — 13 Tips in 6 Minutes

Check out all of his latest video on YouTube.

Capturing the Machine, YouTube

Glass.Photo It's a Post Instagram World

Would you pay $5 a month for no ads, a chronological news feed with only photos of people you follow? Glass.Photo is betting enough of you will.

"Glass is an independent company. We charge for our product. We haven’t taken any venture capital or outside funding. With your help, we’re building a sustainable home for photographers on the internet." -Glass.Photo

I signed up because I'm ready for something new. I'm still looking at the details of this shiny new object. Right now, it's pretty low low on the features.

Read my Glass.Photo Review for details.

Instagram Pivot

Instagram Pivoting to Video As it Transforms into a ‘Metaverse’ Company.

A delicious article on the future of Instagram (video/vr).

The comments are worth reading.

3 Tricks for Making Your Photos Look More Cinematic

Eren Sarigul talks about Cinematic Street Photography and three ways in which you can make your photos more cinematic.

This is not specifically about cars. But it is about street photography, and "Parked Photography" is strongly related.

Rather than cinematic, think artistic, rich, story, mood.

1. Color theory. Think about complimentary colors.
2. Subject. Find a great scene and wait for the right subject (car) to enter it.
3. Light. The lighting can help tell a story, set the mood. Rain shots are always cool.

Eren Sarigul's inst account includes a few car shots. Worth browsing.

3 Tips: Making Your Photos Look More Cinematic
9min Video

The Truth About Following Your Dreams as a Career

You're on my turf bro. Let’s hear it.

Being an Artist Is About Being a Producer, Not a Consumer

The title is probably enough, but I’ll read it anyway.

5 Tips to Increase Your Photography Income Through Better Networking

I’m always open to improving people connections.

How to Get Sharp Photos When Shooting Handheld

Is it me, or the camera?

Cropping Photos in Photoshop for Print and Screen

A Beginner's Guide To Cropping Photos in Adobe Photoshop for Print and Screen

This video gives you a great beginner's guide to cropping your photographs for all purposes using Adobe Photoshop.

Are You Feeling Unhappy as a Photographer?

"Unhappy or unfulfilled photographers are only a matter of clicks away from putting the camera down permanently. Ask yourself these questions before it's too late."

How to Build Your Web Presence as a Photographer

Always interested in new perspectives on this topic, because

How to Build Your Web Presence as a Photographer

No One Needs to See Your Photography

What on earth is this title about?

An issue with social media is really an issue with priorities, purpose, and focus.

9 minute video

Rent a Camera Lens

I really need to try this lens rental service!

"I used (plug for an awesome company) to grab three Sigmas"

Best Car Photography Hashtags to Copy & Paste

The big roundup of car photography hashtags?

Starting a Photography Magazine?

This is an interview and there might be some interesting parallels with building website.

Or maybe not.

On Car Photography and Being a Car Enthusiast

On Car Photography and Being a Car Enthusiast
Gary Wang, 2019

5 Reasons Why Car Photography Matters

"Automotive photography can inspire a generation of enthusiasts."

*One of the best titles ever. To become a great photographer, think beyond yourself.

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