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Minimalist Car Photography

By: j.wilder

minimalist car photography

What is minimalist car photography?

According to Wikipedia minimalism in photography is:

"...a form of photography that is distinguished by extreme, austere simplicity. It emphasizes spareness and focuses solely on the smallest number of objects in the composition process. Minimalist photographers usually focus solely on one particular subject, rather than an abundance of color, patterns and information."

What is the least amount of image necessary to make a captivating car photo?

I prefer low gear everyday carry photography and my personal Genre is Parked Photography which is somewhat related to street photography. Therefore, I find the idea of minimalist car photography intriguing.

In the past I usually find a car that's interesting and incorporate background elements to enhance the composition. But what if the approach would be to remove as much of the background as possible and only focus on the car? I suppose this would be the composition technique of isolation.

Maybe it's shooting in high contrast black and white.

Maybe it's deemphasizing the colors in the background and enhancing the colors of the car?

Whatever it is, it sounds like a fun exercise and something that I will be thinking about.

I have really missed car photography. I have been completely immersed in writing about success and have neglected my precious hobby. Hopefully in 2022 I will get a little bit of balance back between writing, study and enjoying car photography.

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James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer of Parked.Photography.


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