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Glass.Photo App Review

By: j.wilder

Updated: 8-17-2021

Glass.Photo Review from a car photography enthusiast perspective.

Glass.Photo Review

Glass.Photo It's a Post Instagram World

Would you pay $5 a month for no ads, a chronological news feed with only photos of people you follow? Glass.Photo is betting enough of you will.

"Glass is an independent company. We charge for our product. We haven’t taken any venture capital or outside funding. With your help, we’re building a sustainable home for photographers on the internet." -Glass.Photo

I signed up because I'm ready for something new. I'm still looking at the details of this shiny new object. Right now, it's pretty low low on the features.

The Good Stuff:

  • no ads. $5 a month or 29.99 per year (special price).
  • A chronological news feed with only (and all) photos from people you follow.
  • EXIF information on each photo, including GPS (warning!).
  • No video. Focus on photography only.

The Neutral Stuff:

  • No filters or editing tool.
  • No groups (I don't care. Just give me tags).

The Notso Good Stuff:

  • Can't edit description of photo.
  • Can't edit photo EXIF info.
  • No web version.
  • Only iPhone/iOS app.
  • Can't search for photography categories (cars/automotive)!
  • No tags.
  • No quick "Like" feature (Must...type.).
  • I wish I could see photos in landscape orientation!

Glass Bullet Points:

  • "We want you to adore Glass, not become addicted to it. We’ve created a distraction-free app focused on one thing — your photos."
  • "Subscriber supported. You’re the reason we’re building this, not what we’re selling behind the scenes."
  • "No ads, engagement algorithms, or counts. Your feed won’t be polluted with ads or manipulated by algorithms."

Bottom Line

This thing is very basic. If you're expecting a product that wows you don't pay for this!

I paid $29.99 (early join discount for a year) for the experience of participating in something new and because of the vision of the founders. The future is subscription based focused communities.

It's pointless to search other car photographers in the app at this time. I just scroll through the top level community list and look for car shots. But that's OK with me right now. I expect new features on a regular basis.

You can find me @jwilder (maybe).

How To Get It

You can download it on the Apple App Store. Right now, within the app, you can join a queue to request an account. It only took a few days to get my account.

More About Glass.Photo

Explore the Glass.Photo company pages: [Blog] [FAQ]

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer of Parked.Photography.


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