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23 Epic Reasons to Get Into Car Photography

By: j.wilder

And change the world.

car photography

Imagine five years from now, if you practice effectively, how much your photography will improve. Now imagine ten years, twenty, thirty years!

When I started I didn't think about the long term.

I wish I would have.

See the big picture and play the long game.

Here are 23 Life Changing reasons to get into car photography.

Be a Car Culture Ambassidor

Did you know that you can be a car culture ambassidor? You don't need permission. You don't need a certificate. Just do it.

Think beyond photography and see the bigger picture.

We live in amazing times where everyone can have a platform to reach millions of people. Think about it. Why not change the world?

Inspire Others

Don’t go for likes and follows. Instead, try to honestly care about and help others.

Your photography, and your words, can inspire others.

What if you could change one person's life? Would it be worth it?

Create or Die!

I believe we are creators and if we don’t create we slowly die. We can become negative or jaded.

I don’t want to even imagine what my life would be like if I couldn't express myself creatively.

Car photography is a creative outlet.

Create because you are a creator.

Create for the joy of it.

Invest in Yourself

Every time you take a photo you invest in yourself.

Invest more.

Read books on composition. Know every aspect of your camera. Take classes.

Take photos every chance you get.

Represent Your Perspective

Is there someone following you around and taking the same photos as you?


You are the only person on this planet with your perspective.



Chances are you do not know every nook and cranny of your world. Most people don’t explore their city.

Photography will lead you to places you would not have explored otherwise.

Meet People

You will meet people you wouldn't have.

Hopefully good people.

Create Art

Look at each photo you take as art for your enjoyment.

If others like it, then that's ok, but not necessary.

Create for yourself, and for your own enjoyment.

Creating is good for the soul.


You will meet new people. Solve new problems. Create new compositions.

If you pour your life into something, then you will grow.

Be Spontaneous

See a photo opportunity? Stop and capture it.

Tell a Story

A man and his antique car. A teenager with her first car. A car that brings someone freedom of mobility and independance. Cars of downtown. Lonely cars at night. The old and rusted.

The sky is the limit.

Tell a story.

Challenge Yourself

Give yourself new challenges each time you go out.

Bless Your Friends

Photograph your friends cars.

Don’t wrench or race?

Grab a camera. Shoot cars.

Document History

Your photos will eventually be historical.

Learn to See

Have you ever seen something for the first time, even though you might have passed by it for months or years? It's especially true for photography.

You see much more of the world when you become more observant.

You see beyond objects.

It's like a superpower.

See Your Progress

If you make photographs over five, ten years you will see how your photography has improved.

Chronicle your life and progress.

Creative Freedom

Create for yourself.

Photograph what interests you.

Follow your creative ideas.

You Get Invited to Stuff

If you keep up the work, you might be suprized by invitations to events.

Teach Others

Few people care to teach others. Even those that care to help others aren't necessarily good at teaching. This is another opportunity for you to stand out and make a difference.

Be a Leader

Is your photographic style underrepresented? Be a leader and advance it. Create a blog and write about it. share your ideas. inspire others.

Lifetime Hobby

Whether you step out of a Civic with camera in hand or a Mercedes, your taste in cars may change but you’re never too old to create art.

Cultivate your car photography skills as a lifelong artistic endeavor.

Become Epic

Here's an even bigger challenge.

Become an epic car photographer, and human being.

Devote yourself, for life, to one thing. And use that one thing to help others.


The goal is to create for our own pleasure!

When we create, we experience life on a more meaningful level.

What if you started in your teens or twenties? Imagine if you practiced car photography for forty or fifty years.

Don’t be critical or despise your work.

If you’ve thought about getting in to car photography why not start now?

Don’t let camera gear be an excuse! Use what you have or can afford. Just get out there and shoot and enjoy the creative life!

With art, you will never touch the bottom, never reach the end.

There is an infinite depth of learning.

It's a great idea to start young.

Now is a great time to Get Into car Photography!

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer of Parked.Photography.


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