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Ferrari Safari

By: j.wilder

Ferrari Houston parked photography
Ferrari in Houston. Sony a6000.

While taking photos of a cool art deco building, I caught a Ferrari at a stoplight.

Houston is probably one of the best cities in Texas for exotic car spotting. I didn't get to see as many exotics as I had hoped, but I got some practice anyway.

These are some of my random shots of Houston cars.

Pink Lamborghini Houston parked photography
Pink Lamborghini Urus in Houston. Sony a6000.

We passed two Lamborghinis parked in front of a hotel. There were too many people standing around so I just got a documentation shot of the pink Lamborghini Urus.

Red Ferrari Houston parked photography
Not bad for a through the windshield shot. Red Ferrari in Houston. Sony a6000.'

We drove around the Woodlands, but wow is it crowded.

Houston parked photography
Classic Mustang in Houston. Sony a6000.

This Mustang looked so cool amongst the urban traffic.

DeLorean Houston parked photography
DeLorean in Houston. Sony a6000.

I've been wanting to visit DeLorean in Humble, Texas for years. Due to COVID the showroom and "museum" are still closed to the public, but they had a row of DeLoreans parked out front.

More Photos to come...


I know there are a lot of car photographers in Houston, not to mention enthusiasts. Why isn't there a "parked in houston" website?

So, a simple suggestion, use #parkedinhouston on social.

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer of Parked.Photography.


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