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Car Photography Course

By: j.wilder

List of online car photography courses.

Photoshop for Car Photography by Moe Zainal

Photoshop for Car Photography
Understand the thought-process, workflow & the techniques used for car photography today
Created by Moe Zainal


You should be familiar with Adobe Photoshop
You should be familiar with the Pen Tool
You should be familiar with Masks

Easton Chang Teaches the Art of Photographing Vehicles


Here is an Fstoppers review:

Here is another mention:

"There are also online courses you can take to help, one being from Easton Chang, which I found excellent and one of the few I recommend."

Pepper Yandell

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer of Parked.Photography.


Cadillac CT4-V Series + Ricoh GR3

Ricoh GR3 for Car Photography

Cars Of 7-Eleven