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Car Photography Books

By: j.wilder

car photography books how-to photograph cars
Book covers of How to Photograph Cars, and How to Digitally Photograph Cars

If you want to learn how to photograph cars, it makes sense to head to the Internet to see what books are available.

Well, you're in for a shock. There's only one book that is currently in print that completely addresses this topic.

Listed below is what's available, including a book that any car photography enthusiast would appreciate. I own all of these books and I recommend any or all.

Last Update: 4-1-2021

How to Photograph Cars (2017)

This is the second edition of "How to Photograph Cars." The original book was published on January 26, 2003. This book was updated to include digital cameras since the camera world has changed a lot since 2003.

The author, James Mann, is a UK based award winning car photographer and writer for industry and commerce all over the world. His work includes books, editorial and event coverage, as well as many other types of marketing mediums.

There are over 200 images and the table of contents covers a wide range of subjects such as: Equipment, photography techniques, repairing the car for the shoot, action photography, motorsports photography, groups of cars, people in cars, museums and shows, studio techniques, restoration and scale model photography, shooting a magazine feature, and post production.

Audience: For the enthusiast car photographer just getting started.

How to Photograph Cars
Author: James Mann
Publisher: Auto Focus; 2 edition (March 7, 2017)
Paperback Edition

How to Digitally Photograph Cars (2009)

As far as I know, "How to Digitally Photograph Cars" was the first book to focus on car photography with digital cameras.

The authors are Jason Siu and Josh Mackey. At the time the book was written they were both involved with the new industry of online automotive magazines.

One unique aspect of this book is that Jason Siu uses a Canon and Josh Mackey uses a Nikon. Also, Jason's photos do not include any post processing, while Josh's photos have been edited. It's important for new car photography enthusiasts to see the before and after photos.

The table of contents covers a wide range of subjects such as: Choosing your equipment, static photography, action photography, insider tips and tricks, and post processing, including some Photoshop discussion.

NOTE: This book is not in print anymore, but it is easy to find a used version on Amazon.

Audience: For the enthusiast car photographer just getting started.

How to Digitally Photograph Cars
Author: Jason Siu and Josh Mackey
Publisher: S-A Design (May 15, 2009)
Paperback Edition

Autophoto: Cars & Photography, 1900 to Now (2017)

A different angle on car photography is to study the work of photographers. Studying car photography over the span of a hunderd years gives you an insight on how photography and culture has changed.

As Florence Walker, of Petrolicious states in her review, "Cars and cameras grew up together as siblings... A comfortable comparison can be made with having a photo in focus and having a car in the correct gear... A lot of that has to do with taking the machine in your hands seriously, much like taking the car that you’re sitting in seriously."

Audience: For any car enthusiast that also enjoys photography.

Autophoto: Cars & Photography, 1900 to Now
Author: Clément Chéroux
Publisher: Editions Xavier Barral/Fondation Cartier Pour L'Art Contemporain (July 25, 2017)
Hardcover Edition


Learn car photography ebook how-to photograph cars

I hope that a few more photographers will step up and write good books that will benefit beginner, or even advanced photographers.

The time for a new book on car photography is now.

If you are new to car photography, check out my ebook that focuses on Car Photography Tips for Beginners.

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer of Parked.Photography.


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