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Everyday Carry Cameras for Car Photography 2023

By: j.wilder

Everyday carry cameras for car photography. That is my dream.

Everyday Carry Digital Compact Camera
My current everyday carry - The Sony a6000 (still too big) and my iPhone 12 mini.

Today, the everyday carry (EDC) camera is typically the smartphone. Here's an idea: Get cheap smartphone and buy a real camera. Mind blown!

Let's look at some options.

Why Choose an Everyday Carry Camera?

The number one goal of a camera is to take photographs. It is camera-first design. Not so for smartphones.

Why carry a camera, rather than use your smartphone?

  • Camera-first design - its single purpose in life is to facilitate the process of making a photo.
  • A larger image sensor (so far) - more light, better photo.
  • A display that pivots flat - for low shots.
  • Electronic viewfinder, because sometimes you just can't see the dang screen.
  • Manual controls - because the camera doesn't always know what I want.
  • Everyday carry potential - A compact camera is grab and go. More opportunities, more shots.

My Everyday Carry Camera Requirements

I have a few specific requirements for my everyday carry camera. For example, it has to have an articulating monitor to make low shots much easier.

  • Fixed lens - No multiple lenses for daily carry.
  • Optical Zoom - I do want different focal lengths for more diverse shots.
  • A display that pivots flat (for low shots).
  • Electronic viewfinder.

So, what are the choices for compact digital cameras with these features?

OMG! You would think this is an easy question. It's not.

We the people face a big confusing wall when it comes to understanding what is available today.

Apparently, camera companies gave up on retail stores and even their own websites (they're horrible).

Here is My List so Far

In order from smallest to largest.

  • Sony RX100 V
  • Canon PowerShot G5 X II
  • Fujifilm X100V

Also Interesting

  • Ricoh GR III
  • Sony a7c

See my notes on these cameras below.

Ricoh GR III - The Winner for 2022

Car Photography Camera Ricoh GR III

The Ricoh GR III wasn't on my short list, but it was on my "Also Interesting" list (see below).

Camera companies don't care about this niche segment (see previous section). They chase the mass specs market (video, video, video, vlog, full frame, traditional).

I did think about buying a Sony 20mm pancake lens for my Sony a6000. But after a few minutes I thought, just get a freaking Ricoh!

Anyway, I got tired of waiting for a camera that may never exist and my dollars voted for a Ricoh GR III.

Why? Pocket power, superb lens, large sensor, and Ricoh street cred. True, it doesn't have an articulating display or viewfinder, but pocketability is powerful.

What will 2023 bring? We'll see. Meanwhile, it's me and my GR III for Parked Photography.

The Cameras

Sony RX100V

Sony RX100V

The Sony RX100V is the smallest and lightest camera in this list.

The Sony RX100 line has a lot of fans. It has been around for many years and it is up to version VII. This camera is a favorite for travel photography.

Sony RX100 V
Image Stabilization: Yes (stills)
1.0-type sensor
Lens Fixed zoom, 24-70mm (35mm equiv)
Pop up viewfinder!
Weight: 299g with Battery and Memory.
List Price $999
Release Date: 2016

Sony RX100 Series Comparison (I, II, III, IV, V, VA, VI and VII)

Canon PowerShot G5 X II

canon powershot g5ii front

Canon PowerShot G5 X II
Sensor: 1-inch type Stacked CMOS (20.1Mp).
Lens f/1.8 – f/2.8 24-120mm (35mm equivalent)
Screen 3-inch 1,040,000-dot tilting touchscreen
Viewfinder 0.39-inch type 2,360,000-dot OLED
Weight: 340g with battery
Dimensions 110.9 x 60.9 x 46mm
List price: $900
Release US: August 2019

*The PowerShot G7 does not have a viewfinder.

Fujifilm X100V

Fujifilm X100V front

The X100V is the fifth-generation model of the X100 Series. It is the successor to the X100F.

Fujifilm X100V

Image Stabilization: No
Sensor: APS-C (26.1m pixels)
Lens: 23mm (35mm) f2.0 max Fixed.
Lcd Monitor 3.0 inch, Articulating
Weight: 478g with battery and SD memory card.
List price: $1400
Released: February 2020

*No zoom but has a WIDE / TELE / OFF option.

Also Interesting

There are several interesting cameras that don't meet my criteria.

Ricoh GR III

Car Photography Camera Ricoh GR III

This camera has the perfect form factor for a daily carry. And, it has an APS-C image sensor!

Image Stabilization: Yes
Sensor: APS-C
Lens: 18.3mm (28mm equiv)
Aperture: F2.8~F16
Weight: 257g (0.57 lb / 9.07 oz)
Released: March 2019
List price: $899
*No articulating display.

Ricoh GR IIIx

The Ricoh GRIIIx was released Sept 2021. The key difference between the GRIII and the GRIIIx is the focal length.

Image Stabilization: Yes
Sensor: APS-C
Lens: 26.1mm (40mm equiv)
Released: September 2021
List price: $999
*No articulating display.

Sony a7c

Best Camera for Car Photography

New for 2020, Sony a7c. It is a full frame sensor camera in a Sony APS-C sized camera body. According to Sony, the world's smallest and lightest full-frame camera. But in no way is it pocketable with a lens.

Image Stabilization: Yes
Articulating display (side)
Lens: Interchangeable
Sensor: Full Frame
Weight: 509g / 1 lb 2.0 oz (body with battery)
Released: 2020
List Price: $1799

Sony ZV-E10

The Sony ZV-E10 is designed from the ground up for vlogging and vloggers. The new camera combines Sony's advanced imaging technology with extensive usability and a custom-built feature set that is optimized for video creators.

Articulating display (side)
Sensor: APS-C
Lens: Interchangeable lens
Weight: 343g
Release Date: August 2021
List Price: $700

Sony ZV1 ($700 +/-)

New for 2020, Sony ZV1. Positioned as a camera for vloggers.

Articulating display (side)
Sensor: 1 inch
Release Date: 2020
Lens: 24-70mm1 F1.8-2.8 ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T*
List Price: $700

Leica T2 (discontinued)

Beautiful design. This is close to being a true modern camera.

No articulating display.
Released: July 2017
List Price: $1099 (silver)
List Price: $1424 (black)

Rumor: As of May 2022, the Leica CL and TL2 are discontinued. The stated reason was declining APS-C sensor and increased sales in Full Frame sensor cameras.


With every camera there's a compromise.

The perfect camera is the one I would design myself. And that's not happening.

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James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer of Parked.Photography.


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