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Camaro Moon

By: j.wilder

Orange 1970 Camaro parked photography

This is my favorite Camaro. I took over 100 photos of this car at every conceivable angle. It was my first DSLR and my first attempt to shoot a car at night. Most of the shots were unusable (but I'm glad I kept them).

I did get a single shot that I still love today.

This shot conveys the soul of the machine. To me, that's what car photography is about. Cars are art. Photography is just one of many ways to present a composition.

If it takes you a 100 shots to create your own masterpiece, so be it.

What is art? Art is: Seeking, Seeing, Trying, Capturing, Thinking, Imagining, Creating, Showing, Sharing, Loving...

Nikon D5000. f/5. 1/3 sec. ISO 1600.

Orange 1970 Camaro parked photography

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James Wilder

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